In July 2019, an inspector employed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) described and photographed appalling conditions at a puppy mill in Missouri. The agency licenses and inspects facilities to ensure compliance with the law, and when it identifies a violation during an inspection, it is authorized to take action against the violator by assessing a fine, suspending or revoking the license, or pursuing criminal penalties. But pet shops still use USDA inspection reports to prove a breeders legitimacy. Although it was a bit pricey, they come out at a moment's notice at the sign of any problems with no charge. Our Petland investigations show that people seeking to buy a pet shop puppy are often presented with clean USDA inspection reports on the puppys breeder. Over the last four years, the USDA hasnt been doing its job of enforcing the Animal Welfare Act to give meaningful protection to dogs at these facilitiesbut we have new USDA leadership in place, and officials who have promised that they will take animal care and the agencys regulatory responsibilities seriously. mills or puppy brokers such as Hunte, which operates as a middleman between the In these cases it is often the pet that suffers by being raised in a home that neglects it, or sends it to a shelter where it will be euthanized. If you feel we have not answered a question you have or would like to know more please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to answer any and all questions to the best of our ability. All Rights Reserved. 2009, HSUS issued a press release stating that members of HSUS and other Heritage Puppies' USDA inspection report from September 4, 2014 shows 443 adult dogs and 101 puppies on site. Now is their chance. Angels (formerly), CLEARWATER KENNELS Clearwater Kennels, located in Morrison County and owned and operated by Wanda Kretzman, is one of the largest kennels in Minnesota. cages, unsafe animal transport vehicles, and purchase of puppies from On the other hand, kennels that are too big usually have to keep their dogs in smaller areas where they get less attention, and have a hard time keeping up with cleaning and care. For further information concerning the programs and enforcement responsibilities of the Bureau of Housing Inspection: Phone: (609) 633-6216. Let's talk! In their USDA inspection report dated November 5, 2019, this kennel had 138 animals (115 adult dogs and 23 puppies). denies it supports these substandard breeding facilities, and claims to follow Alsip President Kris Shepard told Patch that the store takes every possible precaution to ensure that it does not buy from puppy mills. stores. Our undercover investigations show that breeders can treat animals horribly yet have no citations from the USDA. My puppy is the smartest and sweetest puppy, very friendly and well socialized. Text PUPPY to 30644 for a list of local pet stores that do not sell puppies, or see our website for a. See below for names of out-of-state dealers. Petland Puppies REALLY Come From? United States Department of Agriculture inspection reports for the puppy breeders were then examined for violations of the federal Animal Welfare Act, along with Illinois Department of. Shepard said that Alsip has a specific list of breeders that it will not buy from and that the store does research in advance when it decides to purchase puppies from a new breeder. Bureau of Rooming and Boarding House Standards. Inspectors wrote that they found 15 animals with undiagnosed illnesses and untreated injuries at a facility that employs one staff veterinarian for 3000 dogs and 2000 puppies. Activities Meat Processing, Poultry Processing, Voluntary Processing - Meat. To view Bauck CVIs and sales to pet stores, go to: BAUCK. In past years, Renner has sold puppies to multiple pet stores in multiple states, including North Dakota, California, North Dakota, Florida, South Dakota, and Nebraska. After finding the starving puppies in July 2019, the inspector was sent to the property three more times. if (xhr.status === OK) { In fact, the owner remains licensed to this day. Office of Regulatory Affairs. In their USDA inspection report dated July 30, 2019, this kennel was reported to have 687 animals in their facility (264 adult dogs and 423 puppies). 2008 HSUS Investigation Linking Petland to Puppy A.J. For years, Menning Enterprises has sold puppies to many pet stores in the upper Midwest area, including Iowa, Wisconsin, South Dakota, North Dakota, Nebraska and Missouri and now also sells to pet stores in Massachusetts. Records show that *Puppy Mill Survivors*Photo }; All too often, people buy puppies on impulse, without doing any breed research, or considering the change and demands that will be placed on their daytoday lives. pet stores are bred in puppy mills! Kyia S. 05/06/20. investigations have traced the shipping records for more than 15,000 puppies to We are their whole world, they need us for everything. All of our puppies are born here at Heritage, or at one of our partner kennels in the local area. Yet a few months later, the USDA renewed the breeders license for another year. We believe family is the most important thing. Here you can see the dogs our puppies grow into with their new families. Inspection Reports Teachable Moments Annual Reports Help More Inspection Reports Search To locate inspection reports prepared by Animal Care inspectors, enter the known information in the License/Registration Type and/or State fields and then click the Search button. A Freedom page were photographed at the Janesville, WI, Petland on 17 July 2009. Are you seeking an inspection report for a particular entity? Adopt don't SHOP! Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection page. Instead, the information was available in a binder near the puppy play area, which the State inspector felt was "acceptable to satisfy disclosure requirements," according to the report. Some Minnesota breeders below are also dealers and buy puppies from other breeders and re-sell to pet stores. The Chicago-area investigation was the latest of three conducted in large U.S. cities to show pet stores' reliance on puppy mills, according to the Humane Society. It alleges that Petland and Puppy brokers assist breeders in marketing their animals. They are always punctual, friendly, and professional. Except for an "official warning" in 2012, and a brief 21-day suspension following the bag-of-dead-puppies incident, the USDA has taken no action against this facility. 199 Dogs Were Killed at Iowa Puppy Mill in ONE Day, An Eight-Year-Old Scottie Is the ASPCAs 1,000th Grooming Case, Brutal Beginnings and Happy Endings for Rescued Caucasian Shepherds. Heritage is a PUPPY MILL! Investigators also discovered that eight of the 12 stores were in violation of Illinois' pet shop disclosure law, which requires stores to post visible information about the animals and their breeders, the Humane Society said. Has been cited numerous times for violations, 3. The U.S. Department of Agriculture on Friday abruptly removed inspection reports and other information from its website about the treatment of animals at thousands of research laboratories,. Providing the love of mans best friend to countless families. after their preliminary inspection on 12 September 2008. Heritage Puppies. Mother dogs often spend years living on a wire floor, forced to churn out puppies until their bodies are exhausted. The perfect puppy for you may not have been born yet, get on our waiting list to be first in line for the litter of your choice. This operation racked up 20 violations over five years. We are committed to finding that perfect puppy for you, which is why we breed from healthy parents that come from great backgrounds. "We don't buy from puppy mills. Heritage puppies was super knowledgeable and informative. located in Frankford, Missouri. He kept dogs in a metal pen outdoors, with no bedding or drainage for waste or rainwater. } Hd For most consumers, obtaining this information is not possible or extremely difficult. 0$(?t~+k4-@dMw{t 7$08%M,6,SNTsLdFl>!L"Ljl##lwkAEK8xg>!_-7[t1et[ }-W9W 9n-|0vVIa7tQj8p>:Vje4;;.wf~.,\^sK:ty\;#{g"/J:_W>? Petland stores. if((" "+elems[i].className+" ").indexOf(" field__label ") > -1) { 5 September 2006: improperly marked containers for air transportation (some Our partner kennels must all be licensed and inspected in order to do business with us, and be of a medium size; not too small, not too big. It? 15 August 2006: unsafe transportation after one of their trucks caught fire NJ Swarm Collectors. Investigators who visited Alsip found that the store did not conspicuously post breeder information, the report states. Free Puppies - Find Your Perfect Puppy or Dog Today, Types: Long Coat, Short Coat, Large, Standard, Miniature, 4348 Bluebill Ave Lake Mills, IA 50450 961.53 mi, My experience with heritage puppies was great. 31 March 2009: improper record-keeping, when inspectors apparently found 4. endstream endobj 75 0 obj <. We take the health of our puppies seriously, and we believe it shows. More, Heritage is a PUPPY MILL! Depending on the popularity of the breed, we should be able to get your puppy in two to eight months. %%EOF This page requires Javascript. 14 reviews of Heritage Pest Control "These guys are great. puppy brokers in the country; reportedly sells over 80,000 puppies a year from By the time the animal is purchased and brought home, the family has bonded with the animal and will not "return" the dog based on new information learned. Ongoing BumperstickersPinter-friendly Resources for Protest, Our Terms & Conditions / Privacy Policy, 2023American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Few breeders have perfect USDA inspections - it is easy to overlook something minor, or put it off a little too long until a surprise inspection occurs. Here's how you know. . He is still licensed by his state and by the USDA, which means he can continue to sell to pet stores or online across the U.S. A breeder in Ohio (Joseph A. Miller, Horseshoe Kennel) admitted that he performed a do-it-yourself dental procedure on one of his dogs instead of taking her to a veterinarian, and that she died while struggling to break free. The salespeople claim these reports are proof that Petland buys from quality breeders. In early 2016, the MN Board of Animal Health abruptly stopped providing Certificates of Veterinary Inspection to the public. Get news alerts and Facebook updates from these Lincoln-Way Patch sites: Subscribe to Patch's new newsletter to be the first to know about open houses, new listings and more. Many breeders kill the mother dogs instead of continuing to feed animals who are no longer profitable. APHIS is committed to ensuring the welfare of regulated animals and continues to carry out the critical day-to-day work of ensuring the humane treatment of vulnerable animals through unannounced inspections, compliance visits, horse protection inspections, and other activities. console.log('Error: ' + xhr.status); // An error occurred during the request. 2013 or thereabouts. } var OK = 200; // status 200 is a successful return. USDA inspects research facilities that use regulated animals at least once a year. September 2008. A breeder in Missouri (Deanna Brundage) had her U.S. Department of Agriculture license revoked in 2008 after at least seven unwanted dogs were found shot dead, puppies were found dead and dogs were found emaciated or sick. Menning Enterprises, located in Pipestone County and owned and operated by Ron Menning, is one of the largest breeders and dealers in southern Minnesota. though management will deny it, the vast majority of puppies sold in Petland However, according to the HSUS report, the USDA nformed HSUS in writing that it These puppies were severely underweight, with protruding bones; one puppy was unable to stand. Those seeking information from APHIS regarding inspection reports not currently posted to the website, regulatory correspondence, and enforcement related matters may submit Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests for that information. Angels (formerly), CLEARWATER KENNELS. On 17 March var myelem = elems[i].nextElementSibling; She would have seen in her file that the USDA renewed the breeders license in 2016 and 2017 despite these issues. including: Tracys K & J Pets, PetlandThe Petstore No dog should suffer like this. This is why many of the CVIs noted below end at 2015. RENNER'S KENNELS - Out-of-State Dog Sales 2015, RENNER'S KENNELS - Out-of-State Dog Sales 2014, RENNER'S KENNELS - Out-of-State Dog Sales 2013, RENNER'S KENNELS - Out-of-State Dog Sales 2012, RENNER'S KENNELS - Out-of-State Dog Sales 2011, R and J's World of Pets - Minot, North Dakota, NOTE: Years ago Animal Folks also collected and compiled CVIs for Kathy Bauck, a breeder who was convicted of animal cruelty. var id = myelem.innerHTML; many months of investigative and legal research. Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service 2016090000739001 Insp_id Inspection Report Prepared By: DIANA CARE Date: USDA, APHIS, Animal Care 18-OCT-2021 Title: VETERINARY MEDICAL OFFICER Received by Title: Facility Representative Date: 18-OCT-2021 Page 2 of 13 ***An adult female beagle (CGGCAE) was itching her right ear continuously. reports, which are unfortunately no longer accessible through the USDA website. 1. Address 18241 Pendleton Street SW. Rochester, WA 98579. Other breeders in this area, including Henry Yoder, David Yoder, Menno Yoder, Jake Yoder and Dan Yoder, also sell to Pinnacle Pets. Parent dogs are kept in elevated wire cages and look to be in poor health. Unlike our competitors, we know every single breeder we buy our puppies from we see their kennels, how they treat their dogs, and work with them to always improve their operations. Puppies are individuals with individual personalities. Fair Grove, MO -- their 17 April 2009 pre-licensing inspections showed many Pet*Breeders With Pride*Rehoming: Free To Good Home? In past years, this breeder sold primarily to a dealer named Pinnacle Pets, formerly Mid America Pets, in Missouri and to William Yoder in Iowa, also a dealer. As explained above, breeders and dealers must submit a copy of this certificate if they are transporting animals across state lines. Mill? The Humane Society also said that two dogs at Alsip were being treated for upper respiratory infections at the time of the inspection, and that state inspection reports reveal that the store received a complaint in 2011 about a puppy that was purchased and then found to be infected with giardia. For further information contact the New Jersey Department of Agriculture, Division of Plant Industry, PO Box 330, Trenton, NJ 08625-0330, 609-406-6939. The Humane Society also reviewed hundreds of Certificates of Veterinary Inspection documents, which show the origin of puppies shipped to Chicago-area pet stores. Below are examples of Certificates of Veterinary Inspection (CVIs) from a few commercial dog breeders and dealers located in Minnesota. And of course, for the mother dogs who are left to live and be bred in such squalid, neglectful conditions, the suffering doesnt stop. This kennel was apparently licensed as a dealer after their on 12 A.J. The third WI location, Pewaukee, went out of business in putElem.innerHTML = xhr.responseText; Heritage puppies was super knowledgeable and informative. They went out of their way to help us with our new puppy! Menning doesn't just breed puppies for profit, they also obtain puppies from other breeders and then resell them. } else { USDA Inspectors conduct three types of inspections: 1) pre-licensing inspections, to make sure the applicant can meet the federal standards prior to being licensed/registered; 2) routine, unannounced compliance inspections of all entities to make sure they are adhering to the federal standards and regulations; and 3) focused inspections based upon public complaints or allegations of unlicensed activities. The USDA Animal Care Public Search Tool allows you to search for: More detail on each of these search options can be found within the USDA Animal Care Public Search Tool. Renner's Kennels, was owned and operated by John and Lyle Renner, is located in Becker County. NOTE: the above information was taken from USDA inspection Their inspection reports can be accessed here: MqfG?cWt1 l>c]_-)}6 o!XP=AaF:iB? Heritage puppies was super knowledgeable and informative. : For over two decades we have been providing healthy puppies with great backgrounds to countless families. Heritage is a PUPPY MILL! Used with permission. //-->. A dog dealer in Iowa (Steve Kruse, Stonehenge Kennel) has been found with more than 50 sick or injured dogs on his property since 2015. After a particularly scathing audit [PDF] in 2010, the USDA supposedly committed to strengthening transparency and enforcement, especially for the most problematic licensees. HERITAGE PUPPIES, LC Owner STEELE,STEVEN License Number 8616 Expiration Date 7/7/2021 City LAKE MILLS County Worth County IKAP Establishment Type Registered Federal Dealer USDA licensed facilities are inspected by USDA Animal Care. if (elems[i].innerHTML == 'License Number') { After much hard work, we feel we can be proud of our kennel, and that our records support this as well. Fax: (609) 633-7262. Mill? That is why we have some of the most common questions here to help make things a little easier on you. endstream endobj 73 0 obj <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text]>>/Subtype/Form/Type/XObject>>stream unsuspecting consumers in numerous states. If you are thinking about adding a dog to your family. Recent sales have been directed to dealers who then re-sell the puppies to pet stores. Records will be released when authorized and in a manner consistent with the FOIA and Privacy Act. The puppies, along with several adult dogs, were infested with ticks. He also sold to Four Paws and A Tail pet store in Blaine, Minnesota. Inspectors conduct three types of inspections: 1) pre-licensing inspections, to make sure the applicant can meet the federal standards prior to being licensed/registered; 2) routine, unannounced compliance inspections of all entities to make sure they are . She reported further violations when she visited in summerMastiffs who had no room to lie down or turn around in their cages, and Australian Shepherds who had no shelter from the heat or rain. enroute and killed all 73 puppies being transported. Animal Welfare Inspection Reports for Breeders show that almost half of these We had them come investigate and solve a mouse problem, and signed up for one of their yearly packages. The second CVI is for a shipment to Petland from Heritage Puppies, an Iowa "Class B" dealer who, according to the USDA inspection report dated January 27, 2016, had 497 adult dogs and 93 puppies. The people that buy these puppies have every good intention, and are good people at heart, but made a bad choice. endstream endobj 74 0 obj <>stream our How To File a Complaint With the WI MENNING ENTERPRISES - Out-of-State Dog Sales Sales 2015, All Pets Animal Care Clinic - Spirit Lake, Iowa, Ed's Pet World - Mitchell, South Dakota, Mini Critters - Sioux Falls, South Dakota, MENNING ENTERPRISES - Out-of-State Dog Sales Sales 2014, Animal Kingdom - Bismark, North Dakota, Pet Barn Pet Center - Council Bluffs, Iowa, Southwest Auction Service - Wheaton, Missouri, Tropic Waters - Eau Claire, Wisconsin, MENNING ENTERPRISES - Out-of-State Dog Sales Sales 2013, MENNING ENTERPRISES - Out-of-State Dog Sales Sales 2012, MENNING ENTERPRISES - Out-of-State Dog Sales Sales 2011. The class Privacy Policy Legal Info, Underwritten by United States Fire Insurance Company, licenses and inspects facilities to ensure compliance with the law, nosedive of animal welfare enforcement since 2017, 99% of AWA licensees and registrants were in substantial compliance [PDF]. pet sellers in Wisconsin are now regulated by Act conference on 20 November 2008, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) hundreds of different sources. In their USDA inspection report dated October 29, 2018, this kennel was reported to have 1,038 animals (528 adult dogs and 510 puppies. Even with such a coordinated effort to stack the deck in favor of puppy mills, we are able to expose the continuous, horrific treatment of dogs that the USDA lets go unpunished by combing through documentation buried in the agencys public database and by submitting public records requests. It is now called Bluewater Creek Kennels and is operated solely by Lyle Renner. Our undercover photos and even the inspection reports of some of these operations reveal that federal and state inspection systems are failing these dogs. The puppies pictured on this puppies from large-scale brokers (USDA Class B licensed dealers) that obtain xhr.send(null); Remember, there is no need to rush into buying a pet there will always be one available when you are ready. Both companies appear now to be doing "business as Most Petland stores are buying TRACKING DOG SALES TO PET STORES AND DEALERS. Why does the USDA let animal cruelty go unpunished? We understand that choosing your new family member is a daunting task with lots of questions. But pet shops still use USDA inspection reports to prove a breeder's legitimacy. Central Jersey Beekeepers Association Swarm Collectors List. Where Do all violations were corrected before the second inspection, which interestingly 2. Missouri continues to have the largest number of puppy mills in the Human Society's annual "Horrible Hundred" report, with 21 breeders listed, followed by Ohio with 16, and Iowa with 11. An inspection report documents an inspector's observations and professional assessments of compliance at facilities regulated under the AWA. mills and Petland's retail stores. Dont buy a puppy from a pet store or Internet site, or from any breeder you have not met in person and carefully screened. "On a recent USDA inspection report for Heritage Puppies, the federal inspector noted 458 adult breeding dogs and 220 puppies on the property." They are a major supplier of puppies to pet stores in Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin. Before sharing sensitive information online, make sure youre on a .gov or .mil site by inspecting your browsers address (or location) bar. endstream endobj 72 0 obj <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text]>>/Subtype/Form/Type/XObject>>stream In our case, we had a lot of work to do when we bought Heritage Puppies to get it back in great condition, and our early USDA inspection reports reflect this. My experience with heritage puppies was great. 2009 Records from Organized into 10 District Offices nationwide, OFO carries out FSIS' food safety mission in processing and slaughter . Establishment Title/Name Heritage Meats. NOTE: Winona County is now known as the "puppy mill capital of Minnesota" because it has multiple dog breeding facilities operating in the county. Dealers reveals many violations, including improper record keeping, cramped Puppies and parents alike get human attention daily, and our mothers always have a safe, clean environment to whelp her young. var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest(); Message and data rates may apply. } hb```f``f`a``a`@ r4*)E2l*ch(AN6[St\ )h`g/h "v of Information check of the USDA Animal Welfare Inspection Reports for Class B These stores are making things worse for animals and consumers by serving as a conduit for all the suffering and cruelty of the puppy mill industry, selling animals at high volume and high prices, papering over their social, health and genetic problemsall rooted in the puppy mill model. In our case, we had a lot of work to do when we bought Heritage Puppies to get it back in great condition, and our early USDA inspection reports reflect this. One of its key responsibilities is enforcement of the Animal Welfare Act (AWA). sermon illustrations: humor,